I believe the best testimonial comes directly from the people I've helped.  Please feel free to email me any comments you may have so that I may pass them along to others....first name only please upon closing your comment. I will post them once received. You can also recommend our office via the Book Me tab on the home page and the link within....We hope your experience was all you expected.


7/16/14 "She made me feel very comfortable and at ease. "                           

07/09/14 "Excellent massage and Friendly, comfortable environment"                           

07/08/14 "It seems she knew exactly where my pain was located.   Just Great! "                           

07/08/14 "She is very competent and capable, pleasant to deal with.  I always feel great when I leave."                           

06/15/14 "I had my first reiki massage last week....was amazed at the sensations and how I felt afterwards!!!!    I will absolutely have Karen do this again!!!!"                           

"I can't wait to make this a regular thing! Karyn just makes everything so relaxing and the deep massage was great."                           

"Karyn did a fabulous job giving me the best massage.  She found exactly where it hurt and worked out the knot.  She is awesome at what she does"                           

"I came to Karyn last year and I've been coming back once a month ever since! She is amazing and definitely affordable. Her shop has plenty of cool items as well. Last but not least she is very personable, you will feel like you've known her all your life the way she makes you feel so comfortable."                           

"I have had several great experiences with Karyn in a variety of settings and highly recommend her services. She is very professional and personable. My personal experience with her was fantastic and I will continue to see her as often as possible!! "                           

"I love how Karyn gets to know you and your body. Karyn knows where i keep all my tension, she know which muscle groups bother me, and she adjusts her massage so that i get the most out of it. After the first couple masages she was keyed into me. The first massage was great, the second better, and each one since has been fantastic. Definitely book your next appointment here!"                           

"I love Karyn!! She is amazing in both professional and personally. She treats you like a friend, not just another client! Definitely book with her!!"                           

"I had another wonderful massage with Karyn last week! Karyn spent a great deal of time working on specific areas that had been bothering me and she managed to work out 2 weeks of stress on my neck! Would highly recommend her!!"                           

"The minute I walked into Karyn's spa, I felt at home.  Her prices are great and her massages are even better!  I would highly recommend Karyn!!  Definitely book your next appointment here!"                           

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